RIBA President’s Awards for Research – Publication

newsletter Jul 20177-2452

‘UK’s First Amphibious House, the Can-float Amphibious Building’, by Baca Architects research leader Richard Coutts, with Robert Barker, has been published by RIBA.

 Baca Architects was shortlisted for ‘Design and Technical’ award by the RIBA President’s ‘Awards For Research’ 2016. As part of this commendation, the RIBA has published a paper which collects the principles established by Baca Architects after years of research on how to build in, on or with water. 

 The 2016 judging panel said: “This is a very interesting and timely project that very clearly demonstrates the importance of research to design. The wider discussion of flooding, an important topic, is well-presented and the project is an intriguing way of meeting planning regulations by building “underground” in a flood risk area. This exemplar design is a very useful piece of research, that is unique to the UK and is useful in pushing the specific boundaries of amphibious design. That the research component is taken through to a full build, adds value to this research. It has been concluded with rigour and reflection. ”

 You can download our publication on the following link http://bit.ly/2rEfsbs. The full notice can be seen in https://www.architecture.com/researchawards

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