Baca’s Summer Fiesta 2015


Baca’s 2015 summer party, a pop-up fiesta, will be taking place at Beadnell Mews prior to demolition. The courtyard and small warehouses will make way for a new mews development.

Expect music, summer catering and a drink or two to celebrate the summer and another successful year.

For more information, please contact Amy Dron on  We hope to see you there..!

About Beadnell Mews

Once completed, the development will comprise a three-/four-storey residential block along the street front, with four houses facing onto a shared courtyard to the rear. The front block is divided in two to provide a pedestrian routeway through to the new mews at the rear. Each house has its own garden that opens onto the central courtyard – a communal safe playground for children and a shared place for all the residents. The buildings have been sculpted to maximise light between and over the houses into the courtyard, as well as creating south-facing roofs for solar panels. The front block is designed to create a contemporary form that also provides continuity along the street line, with the roof of the front block crafted to reduce the eaves line.

About BacaArchitects

Innovative lifestyle architects
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