Defra funding secured for development of Aquobox

Aquobox Defra Funding

The groundbreaking Baca Aquobox project, being developed with the BRE and Aquobex, has been attracting a lot of media attention as policymakers and the public alike look for solutions to flooding following the recent devastation seen in so many parts of the country.  With Defra funding secured in December 2013, development of the Aquobox demonstration house could not be timelier.

Due to be built at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford, the Aquobox is a demonstration home that will sit within a glass tank that can be flooded as required to show the latest in flood-resilient technology live in action.  The concept of standards in flood-resilience is also being developed, with gold, silver and bronze levels proposed.

Levels of protection would range from the more economic bronze, providing a measure of protection that enables residents to return to their homes relatively soon after a flood, to the more expensive gold standard that would deliver greater or total flood-mitigation and allow lower insurance premiums and excesses.

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