Successful Creekside Public Consultation

035-Creekside Education Trust ©Baca Architects

Two public consultations were held this month in order to convey the latest proposals for the expansion of the Creekside Educational Trust’s Discovery Centre building. The afternoon and evening sessions provided a great opportunity for the team to present the evolved design that had been progressed from the previous consultation.

The vision for the upscaling of the Creekside Discovery Centre is to create a stimulating environment for children with ecology at its heart. The design hinges on a structural portal frame, designed to be flexible enough to receive shipping containers in different arrangements. It will also future-proof the building for alternative arrangements in the future.

Members of the local community, supporters of the Trust, adjacent developers, the EA and representatives from the local planning authority and the design team all took part. Both events were well attended and the feedback on the revised design was positive. The display boards from the presentation are now on permanent display at Creekside.

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Anticipating The Book Launch for ‘Aquatecture’ With RIBA

Aquatecture Book Cover
Aquatecture’, Baca’s forthcoming book to be published by RIBA, will be officially released at a launch party at a secret venue early next year.   Addressing the increasing importance of considering water in design, Robert Barker and Richard Coutts explore how to design in flood-risk areas and how water can be used to enhance architecture and design.

With water playing such a vital role in our lives and societies, the book lays out the case for the importance of designing for water, now and in the future, in order to best prepare us to adapt to the uncertainties of future climate change.

The historical relationship between water and architecture over the centuries is explored. Historical cases of issues with water and innovations in designing with water are examined, along with measures to mitigate the threat posed by water in the form of shortages, such as droughts, and excess, in the form of flooding.

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Innovation Licence Shortlisted in NLA Housing Awards

Innovation Liscence screen shot copyThe Innovation Licence, Baca’s forward-thinking proposal to help solve London’s housing crisis, has been shortlisted in the NLA Housing Awards. The proposal was practice’s second shortlisted submission for 2015, alongside the Buoyant Starts affordable floating homes entry in collaboration with Floating Homes Ltd.

The idea would be an alternative to planning, whereby licences would be granted for innovative buildings and designs to be carried out on challenging sites, such as floodplains. To obtain a licence, building designs would need to meet a number of overarching environmental and design aspirations but would not be required to comply with current planning policy.

The Innovation Licence aims to be an incentive for public and private companies to innovate and compete to find ways to deliver more housing, more quickly, and with higher densities. These pilots would become future exemplars, helping to stimulate housing growth in London and maybe export UK innovation to the rest of the world.

To find out more about the competition and its entries, please follow this link.

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Planning Permission Granted For New London Mews

150930 180_Aerial copy
Planning permission has just been granted for a new mixed-use development in South London. The faceted design will see seven residential units and two live/work units replacing the existing light industrial buildings. Four houses will face onto a shared courtyard to the rear, fronted by a three-/four storey residential block. The front is divided into two, allowing access to the new mews to the rear.

The buildings have been sculpted to maximise light into the courtyard, as well as creating south-facing solar roofs for solar panels. The design has been carefully considered to meet modern standards and requirements, as well as creating an elegant redevelopment in the Forest Hill area.

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NLA Housing Competition Shortlist: Baca’s Floating Solution

Option1A_Olympic site©floatinghomes_BacaArchitects

The New Ideas for Housing competition has announced 100 shortlisted ideas to solve Greater London’s ‘housing crisis,’ including Baca’s floating entry. The New London Architecture (NLA) international competition, organised in collaboration with the Mayor of London, attracted over 200 entries from 16 countries around the world.

The competition invites innovative thinking to explore what needs to happen in the capital to improve the speed, scale and quality of housing. Buoyant Starts, a collaboration between Floating Homes Ltd and Baca Architects , addresses the issue by providing high-quality, prefabricated floating homes at an affordable price on the un-used water space of the capital.

Ten winning ideas, selected by a distinguished jury, will be announced in mid-October. Winning submitters will be invited to join a Greater London Authority working group to examine how their ideas can be applied to real London sites to deliver future housing for the capital.

To find out more about the competition and its entries, please follow this link.

The 100 shortlisted ideas will be on display in a free public exhibition at the NLA galleries in The Building Centre from 15 October to 17 December 2015, supported by a three-month programme of talks, conferences and tours.

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Baca speak at Architecture and Resilience Conference, Sheffield University

Robert Barker will present the 4 approaches to flood resilience, as set out in the Metric Handbook at the Resilience, Vulnerability and Climate Change session chaired by Sarah Wigglesworth on Friday 11th September at 15:15.

  • Avoidance
  • Resistance
  • Resilience
  • Flotation

There will be a special feature about amphibious construction.

[1] Formosa-3 High Res©OliverPohlmannimage © OliverPohlmann

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Vote For The Amphibious House!

[3] Formosa-15 High Res©OliverPohlmann

Voting opened this week for the prestigious International Design and Architecture Awards 2015, with our Amphibious House shortlisted in the Residential Architectural Property category.  Hosted by UK interior design magazine, design et al, the awards aim to commend design, recognise talent, create opportunities and quite simply to offer inspiration.

If you would like to vote on the awards and for the Amphibious House, please click on the banner below to visit where your selections can be made.  We wish the best of luck to all shortlisted projects!


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