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Go ahead for Creekside


Planning has been granted for a bold new extension to the Creekside Discovery Centre within the Deptford Creek Conservation Area of Lewisham. The Centre is run by local charity Creekside Education Trust who helps people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the physical and natural environment and help maintain and protect the local urban wildlife on the site and along Deptford Creek.

The repurposed building seeks to minimise the impact of expansion on the wildlife habitats in the site by using a playful portal frame that spans over the existing building to support new facilities. Recycled shipping containers are plugged into the frame to make new teaching and ancillary blocks, which double the buildings occupancy. A carefully laid out podium deck also provides a unique outdoor education experience with a sunken auditorium, over the top of the existing roof, that provides an elevated vantage point for visitor’s to view wildlife habitats across the site.

The exposed structure and raw materials are inspired by the local context and aim to preserve some of the industrial character of the area.






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BD Architect of the Year Awards 2016 – Finalist

10.BD Awards - Formosa.jpg

With a record number of entries, from small practices through to large commercial firms, BD Architect of the Year Awards announced the shortlist for 2016.

With great excitement, Baca Architects has been shortlisted amongst the finalists for the category Individual House of the Year, again!

 Link to the website (

 The 12th edition of the awards is set to be bigger and more exciting than ever. They will take place on 9 March 2016 at London ExCeL’s Platinum Suite in collaboration with Ecobuild, the leading exhibition for the construction and energy market.

The awards will be held on the evening of Ecobuild’s Architecture day, creating one of the largest gatherings of architects in the UK. This new combined offering creates a valuable and unique opportunity for the most innovative and established practices to meet, celebrate and do business.

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Planning secured in Brockley


Planning has been granted for a contemporary new house within the Brockley Conservation Area of Lewisham. This contemporary three bedroom dwelling is enclosed by a ground floor brickwork wall to match existing garden walls in the surrounding area.

The Building forms a self-contained dwelling with primary views facing into a generous courtyard. The courtyard forms the heart of the modern open plan living space. The proposed building has been designed to mark the corner and entrance into the mews and create a strong connection between the primary road and the mews, leaving a positive legacy. The materials chosen are inspired from the local context and aim to enhance the character of the conservation area, as well as making the building sit comfortably within its context.

The scheme was reviewed by the Lewisham Design Review Panel prior to the planning decision. They described the proposal as ‘an exemplary scheme, which will be bold and imaginative with the potential to breathe life into an apparently unloved mews’.

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Official book launch at Florence Hall, RIBA


Robert Barker and Richard Coutts are hosting an exciting book launch event in the prestigious Florence Hall at the Royal Institute of British Architects on the 9th of February 2016. This will celebrate the completion and publication of their new book ‘Aquatecture: Buildings and cities designed to live and work with water’ and is a chance to say thank you to all of the patrons, supporters and contributors who have been involved over the last 10 years.

If for some reason you have not received your invite please e-mail Valentina who will help (

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During the UK’s most recent floods we have been inundated with enquires from news agencies from across Europe asking whether the threat of water can be mitigated. We believe it can, but only through an integrated approach that makes space for water alongside resilience and traditional defences.

A home for the flood resilient property showcase has been found at the BRE innovation park. Baca are now working with the BRE and industry experts to deliver this demonstration for the end of 2016.

After 2 years of writing and preparation ‘Aquatecture: Buildings and cities designed to live and work with water’ by Baca Directors’ Robert Barker and Richard Coutts (consisting of 50,000 words with over 500 illustrations) has gone to print. The book brings together over 10 years of research by the authors with exciting case studies from around the world. Early reviews have been very positive.

“This book will make a fascinating read for all those concerned with planning, architecture, design and engineering… by turning water into an opportunity rather than a risk.” Professor Chris Zevenbergen, UNESCO-IHE

Aquatecture is an exciting contribution to the growing body of literature on how applying water-conscious design allows us not just to live with water, but to thrive with water.’ Elizabeth C. English, University of Waterloo School of Architecture, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

 “This book is an important contribution to meeting the challenges that climate change is providing to the built environment as it encourages new developments to be resilient, sustainable and attractive.” Dr Stephen Garvin, Director, BRE Centre for Resilience

“Defra wants to see more resilient places, where local people have the ability to reduce, prevent and cope with floods. This book can help professionals in the construction world understand what can be done to help this happen.” Robbie Craig, Defra Policy Official

Please follow links to our book and recent news

Water Lane, a recently complete elevated house in Oxfordshire:

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Salcombe Rise



Planning consent has been granted for the 2nd Amphibious House in the UK in the seaside town of Salcombe. The innovative scheme, includes the construction of a new flood resistant dwelling within the envelope of an old stone store building and the replacement of a small boat shed with an elegant amphibious studio as part of the overall dwelling.

Check Salcombe video here!

The first amphibious house was featured on ‪Grand Designs Season 16 Episode 8 – The Floating House: Revisited, and has been published in numerous articles. Click on the link below to watch the episode.


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